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Naked Forex: High-Probability Techniques for Trading Without Indicators by Alex Nekritin


alex nekritin forex

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Highlights of this amazing book from Walter Peters who alex nekritin forex one of my e-mentors and my community leader. The indicator-based trader also has the added advantage of an indicator to blame when things go awry; the naked trader can blame no one but the market for losing trades. This is a subtle but very important difference point of reference for the naked alex nekritin forex. All trading involves an aspect of luck.

All traders experience a lucky streak of winning trades and an u I am learning to trade FX markets. All traders experience a lucky streak of winning trades and an unlucky streak of losing trades. Without the crutch of indicators, naked traders are more likely to take responsibility for alex nekritin forex trading results. If you are constantly changing trading systems, particularly after a losing streak, you are a terrible-system trader. Traders around the world have found that adopting naked-trading strategies means letting go of a trade.

There are no indicators to give false signals, there are no settings to tweak; there is simply the market price and the trading decision.

Naked traders have a true advantage because the focus of the trade is the current market price. There is no better indicator of the sentiment, attitude, or exuberance of the market than the current market price.

Naked traders make the current market price their indicator. Where has the market moved since I entered my trade? If I looked at alex nekritin forex market now, would I take the same trade?

How do I feel about my trade? What do I like about this trade now? What do I dislike about this trade now? On a scale of 1 poor decision to 10 great decisionwhere would I rank this trade alex nekritin forex If I were not in a trade now, alex nekritin forex, would I take the opposite trade?

Market Biofeedback is the one area that most traders neglect, most traders are not quite aware of this process. By paying attention to Market Biofeedback over time, you will be able to become aware of, and eventually control your trading behaviors. You have to pay close attention to one thing on the chart if you trade naked: price. Price is king. Price will tell you all you need to know.

Zones are an area, not a price point. Zones are spots on the chart where price reverses, repeatedly. Zones may be extreme highs or lows on the chart. Zones are often seen by many traders. These zones are the foundation of naked trading. Alex nekritin forex the market trades beyond the zone it does not mean that the market has broken the zone.

This is an important and critical point for the naked trader. Remember zones are beer bellies, they are squishy, alex nekritin forex, they are fat, and they consist of a wide range on the chart.

This means that sometimes the market will push into the zone, and it may look like the market has broken beyond the zone, this is often not the case. The key to successful trading is to wait for the very alex nekritin forex trading opportunities. These are golden opportunities.

Catalysts are powerful price patterns, alex nekritin forex. These simple price patterns suggest what the market may do once the market reaches a zone. The last-kiss trade is a nice way to trade high-probability breakout trades. Here are the steps for the last-kiss trade: Wait for price to consolidate in a box between two zones.

The box should have at least two touches on both zones. Wait for price to break beyond one of the zones. Once price returns back to the consolidation box, wait for the market to print a last-kiss candlestick on the edge of the box, alex nekritin forex.

The Last Kiss For sell trades, a sell stop is placed below the low of the last-kiss candlestick, and for buy trades, a buy stop is placed above the high of the last-kiss candlestick.

Emergency stop loss is placed in the midpoint of the consolidation box. The big shadow appears on support and resistance zones, precisely where the naked trader looks for high probability trade set-ups. Once the big shadow prints on a zone, we have a valuable hint that the market may soon turn around.

The important thing is this: The big shadow must print on a zone. It is possible to defeat the cycle of doom. I have done it, and many other naked traders have also broken the cycle. You can certainly defeat the cycle of doom. You must want to become a professional trader. You are the type of trader who must create your own trading system. You must trade a system that is completely yours. Those traders who do not have rules—and many traders enter the market without rules—are simply gambling.

In fact, alex nekritin forex, impatient traders make very good scalpers. The point at which you can place a trade, accept the risk associated with the trade, and get a good night of sleep.

If something is not working, step away, re-analyze your trades, and then come back to the markets. Stepping away from the markets will give your mind and your body time to rest, and you will be much better for it when you come back to the markets. What will you do with that information? Will you take market data and use it to adjust your entry strategy? Some of the very best traders in the world share a simple secret: They use extremely simple and yet powerful, trading systems.

The best traders in the world—hedge fund traders, bank traders, private millionaire traders you will never hear from—all have one thing in common: These people are experts. They do one thing. You probably know a gambler or two disguised as a trader. This is the difference between a trader and a gambler: A gambler has no risk management, alex nekritin forex a gambler is willing to lose large amounts of money quickly, alex nekritin forex.

A trader treats each trade as a calculated risk and manages each trade according to his system rules. Gamblers can lose all the money at once, and traders lose only as much money as their system will allow. The distinguishing factor is that a gambler does not follow risk management rules, whereas a trader follows strict risk management controls. Expert traders do more alex nekritin forex simply alex nekritin forex strict risk management controls; they also concentrate on one trading technique.

This is the real secret of expert traders: They focus on one market, one trading system, one edge, and they use this edge in their trading repeatedly. The answer is simple: Profitable traders know what makes money. If you would like to make money as a trader, do what the experts do.

Become good at trading one system. You know how to do this now, alex nekritin forex. All you need is in this book. You simply need to put the work in, practice, and become an expert with a trading system that makes sense to you, and then trade that trading system. All the very successful traders are doing one thing, alex nekritin forex. This may seem unbelievable, alex nekritin forex entire hedge funds are built on one idea.

Hedge-fund traders often have one edge, and they use this edge in their trading. Now, some hedge funds may have several traders, each with his own edge, but to be a successful trader you simply have to have one thing that you are very good at, and then you do this one thing over and over again.

The most successful traders I know follow this rule. In other words, they are still stuck in the cycle of doom. The key to breaking the cycle of doom is to decide what makes sense to you, alex nekritin forex, which of the trading systems in this book resonate with you. Once you have chosen one, you simply need to test it alex nekritin forex and over again. Exciting trading is exciting because it is akin to gambling.

Gambling is exciting. This is precisely why risking too much on any given trade is exciting, alex nekritin forex. Trading should be fun, alex nekritin forex if it is exciting.

It is a sign that the system is unproven or you are risking too much. How many hours of daily screen time do you allow yourself? Which trading session European, Asian, or North American do you trade? Which timeframes will you trade? Creating Your Trading System Which trading set-ups do you trade? Which exit strategies do you use? How much interpretation do you have when placing trades? How much interpretation do you have when exiting trades?

What is your maximum risk per trade? What is your maximum weekly drawdown?



alex nekritin forex


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